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HDFC Bank Buy / Hold?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Sometimes the most common stocks can give you a good return. Yes, today we are talking about the largest bank in the private sector (HDFC Bank). The valuation of HDFC Bank seems quite good at current prices. The long-term median P/E multiples of HDFC Bank stood at 27.7 times. And current P/E multiples of HDFC Bank stands at 25.60 times. The difference between Median long-term P/E and Current P/E is 2.1 times the earnings. Considering, Current EPS and Long-term P/E ( 61.98*2.1 times) = 130 rs. (approx) . This arbitrage in value difference (i.e. approx 8%) can be exploited.

Below I have attached a PDF file. Take a look at it.

HDFC Bank Ltd financial results and price chart - Screener
Download PDF • 965KB

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