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Have we capped ourselves from exploring?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

It may be obvious that you may find the title of this article mind-scratching! Even if you would search for this meaning I think you won't find the answer. This question arises within me while discussing businesses, ideas, start-ups, etc. with my family.

Well, before discussing further let me give you my whereabouts so that maybe you can relate or understand. I belong to a middle-class family which happened to be residing in a small town in the state of Bihar, where the business environment is still one hundred percent traditional. When I look around there is not a scarcity of money or businesses but it lacks something that is the zeal to explore or chase something new, it lacks an entrepreneurial mind.

So, when the discussion was going on, the very word I hear more was; "this is very small town people here don't go for this", "this is the way Bihar is", "look at his business", "this doesn't work", "business is not for middle-class", etc & so on. Later, after the discussion, I gave it all a thought and decided to make an article about it.

Have we capped ourselves from exploring?

Because when I looked around me I find many-many corporates out there just waiting to grab the opportunities in rural areas. If the big corporates don't find rural areas a waste of resources where approx. 65% of India's population resides then why it's not so with people living here.

I think it's important to explore rather than complain. Opportunities are everywhere just one needs right sight to see it and explore it ethically. Hence, we are "The Humane Opportunist".

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Until next time,

The Humane Opportunist.

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