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Auto Ancillary: The Dismantle Sector

"An investor's eye sees far wider than a general eye" _ The Humane Opportunist

What's in here? In this blog, we are not going to perform some "financial juju" rather we are going to explore auto parts used in the manufacturing of a car & their manufacturers.

When we talk about cars, we often look for speed, mileage, interior, design, etc. But as an investor when I see a car, I always wonder by whom these beautiful assembled pieces might be manufactured. So I dig some research and came up with few manufacturers that helps these beautiful baby walk on the road.

Here are some little known facts of Auto Ancillaries Sector;

& their manufacturers:

Why one can find opportunities in Auto Ancillaries Sectors?

  • Well, the first thing we know is that no car can be manufactured without the involvement of these sectors.

  • Govt. is taking some serious notes on the development of this sector under PLI Scheme. (click on the link to more about PLI Scheme)

Note: Every company may not be mentioned in the above presentation. Do your own research before investing.

*This article is still in its development phase...

Until next time,

The Humane Opportunist

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