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Are you an Investor?

We are often busy while doing quantitative Analysis and studying chart patterns, etc. while investing. But these year-on-year performances can only gauge the performance of the business alone. Being able to see the vision in the eyes of the leader who runs the business, his integrity, ability to focus, his ability to be persistent and consistent what makes an Investor stand out from the crowd. And that’s the only way to find or be able to invest in future institutions. That’s what makes institutions like HDFC, TCS, L&T stand out from the rest. The leader who leads the institutions should have a vision and the upcoming leader who is going to lead the institutions must be able to see their vision. And their heart should beat together. That’s how an institution is built. Because leaders make business not vice-versa. Business is an outcome of one’s vision and his ability to achieve them.

Being able to read and analyze financial performance is a part, which many professionals can do. But being able to see the visions in one’s eye and the ability to bet on them is what an Investors do.

Making a portfolio and allocating capital are done with the mission to generate wealth and corpus for others. But Investing with a vision to be a part of that business is what Investors do.

Now the question arises. Are you an Investor?

Until next time,

The Humane Opportunist.

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